Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

Ancient Egyptian pyramids in their heyday must have been breathtaking. In such a stark setting as the desert, imagine the sight of a four hundred foot triangle, with its polished stone face gleaming in the sunlight.

The Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza may have lost it's shine from thousands of years of exposure to the elements, but it has lost none of its glory.

While in modern times our tallest buildings are built to be a buzzing hive of activity and have a day to day practical use, it's incredible to think that pyramids were not built to house the living.

The effort and planning required to achieve such a feat in the ancient world is nothing short of astounding. So much so that some left of field thinkers believe that there must have been some intervention from outer space.

Why an alien race would come to Earth and help the Egyptian people build them, especially to house dead pharaohs, is certainly an interesting question. But let's look at the more earthly explanations as to how these ever-present desert sand-spikes were really built.

Big is Beautiful.

There is something awe inspiring about this pointy topped Egyptian architecture. The largest of which (the Great Pyramid of Giza) is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Imagine the enormity of building something that reaches more than a hundred feet into the air, constructed mostly from blocks weighing more than two tonnes - all without the help of a crane or truck.

Once again, there are disagreements from the different experts on Egypt's history as to how they were built.

Some pictures left behind by the Ancient Egyptians show teams of men pulling along the huge stones on sleds. That may work for an average sized block, but some of the stone blocks were thirty five times heavier. It almost seems impossible given the resources available.

Cracking The Whip.

Building ancient Egyptian pyramids required a massive amount of manpower. No heavy haulage vehicles here, just a strong back and a willing heart.

But did the workers have a choice?

There are some Egyptologists that would say it was done with slave power, while others will say that the Pharaohs looked after the men building their ultimate tomb with decent pay and conditions.

Geometry and Astrology.

Whether there was interstellar intervention or not, the Egyptians seemed thousands of years ahead of their time when it came to architecture.

It appears that the three Giza Pyramids are in alignment with the belt of orion. This is supposedly to reflect the architecture of heaven.

The Great Pyramid of Khufu also points true north with only a small degree of error. It seems the Egyptians were terrific with angles.

Mysterious Ancient Egyptian Pyramids.

And what of ancient curses and booby traps to foil tomb robbers and archaeologists disturbing the sleep of the pharaohs?

Has Hollywood meticulously researched and recreated realistic, ancient tombs for such blockbusters such as The Mummy?

Are explorers taking tremendous risk by entering the inner sanctum of the Pyramids?

Come explore the wonder of Ancient Egyptian Pyramids.

Find the answer to the question - How were the pyramids built? and go Pyramid hopping around these historical landmarks.

Pyramids of Giza

The Step Pyramid

Bent Pyramid

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