Ancient Egypt - An Epic Era.

Ancient Egypt 1274 BC.

The young Pharaoh squinted into the horizon, the sun fierce in the sky. He could see a trail of dust swirling behind five Egyptian chariots speeding toward the camp.

And then he straightened his back ,wide eyed; every muscle in his torso tight. For out of the screen of dust trailing behind the gold plated chariots emerged the enemy.

The camp was strong, his division brave but they could never be ready in time. The Hittite chariots would be upon them in minutes. Ramesses spun on his heels and screamed for his men to rally.

(A fictionalised account of Ramesses the second at the Battle of Kadesh.)

Majesty and mystery seemed to blow across the hot desert sands of Ancient Egypt on a daily basis. But was it really like that? Or was life a lot more mundane?

On this site you can find the strange and fearful gods ancient Egyptians worshiped.

You can discover mighty pharaohs that ruled the lands.

Learn about the colourful writing known as hieroglyphics and those who painstakingly deciphered it for the world to read.

How did the people work, play and dress? What did they eat? How did they get around?

There are so many facets to this influential race of people that seemed to be well ahead of their time.

Does a question mark still dangle over the construction methods of the pyramids?

How were those massive stones moved from quarry to site and then lifted into place without the benefit of modern machinery?

Not all of it's history is shrouded in an intriguing mist, but it seems even the mundane aspects of Egypt's ancient landscape are finely woven stitches in its silky fabric.

Recorded history can be sketchy and Egyptologists constantly dispute each others theories. It is a serious business in getting the facts right.

But, with all due respect, let's not forget what makes this important section of our earth's history so intriguing. After all, isn't it fun to get lost in a far away land where towering statues of kings cast intimidating shadows?

Isn't there a fun fascination in the thought of slowly walking into a dimly lit tomb that may hold a deep dark curse? Let's face it, the myths and mysteries of pyramids, mummies and curses of long dead pharaohs have captured the imagination of archaeologists, film makers and adventure seekers for many years.

The aim of this site is for you to discover this long-ago-world in a fun and easy to read setting. In other words - no boring, encyclopedia-style waffle.

Now let's explore the epic grandeur that is ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt Gods
Ancient Egypt Gods were all powerful, interchangeable and constantly evolving.
The Egyptian Mummy
The Egyptian mummy was, essentially, a vessel required for a successful journey to the afterlife.
Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt
Pharaohs - Gods on Earth.
Ancient Egyptian Religion
Ancient Egyptian religion contained a multitude of Gods, everpresent and everchanging.
Ancient Egypt Tools
Ancient Egypt tools may have been simple, but there wasn't much they couldn't do.
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Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
Wonderful and mysterious, ancient egyptian pyramids are a vessel to the afterlife.
Egyptian Writing
Once the code of egyptian writing was cracked, the ancient egyptian world opened its doors for the world to see.
Ancient Egypt Technology
Ancient Egypt technology was simple but it sure worked.
Ancient Egyptian Culture
The ancient Egyptian culture was well preserved for us to study.
Ancient Egyptian People
What made ancient Egyptian people different from anyone else in the world?
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