The Bent Pyramid.

An attempt to avert disaster? Or a Friday afternoon rush job?

Just why did the famous Bent pyramid suddenly shrink inward at the top?

* Theory one - Because the angle was so steep a drastic change may have been required. If there were signs of instability the top could have been tapered to reduce the possibility of a total collapse.

* Theory two - Sneferu may have been nearing death and the pyramid's construction needed fast-tracking to meet the deadline. (No pun intended)

Whatever the reason for its unusual shape, it shows that there was definitely a learning curve (there's that unintended pun again) to pyramid construction.

Facts and dimensions.

* It was built by the Pharaoh Sneferu for himself.

* It is located forty kilometres south of Cairo.

* The bottom part of the pyramid rises up at a fifty five degree angle. The very top part rises up at forty three degrees.

* The original polished limestone casing is in amazingly good condition compared to other pyramids.

* It is one hundred and one metres tall and was once the tallest structure in the world.

* Sneferu was not buried in his flawed pyramid. He built another pyramid and could have found his resting place in the more successful red pyramid.

* It contained two burial chambers, which was unusual in its day.

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