Hathor - A Good Time Goddess.

Hathor was most often recognized as a divine or heavenly cow. Sometimes she was depicted as a cow with stars which related to the Milky Way.

Another cow-goddess, bat, caused the two to assimilate and Hathor took on a more musical recognition.

Her popularity grew and those who worshiped her associated her with great joy.

It seems that this happy go lucky cow goddess wasn't all music and sunshine however. There was another side to her.

One story depicts her as a vengeful god that struck down the people of Egypt with death and destruction by the order of Ra. Somehow, the celestial music loving goddess developed a taste for blood and her rampage continued until eventually even Ra himself thought that enough was enough.

He tricked her into stopping the blood-letting by flooding the ground with beer stained the colour of blood.

Hathor lapped at the beer until she was drunk and fell asleep.

Upon awakening, Ra convinced her to stop the slaughter.

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