Ancient Egypt Tools ... Bronze Tools.

Copper was a turning point in the evolution of ancient Egypt tools, but it was refined even further when bronze was developed.

Bronze has been found dating back to the 4th dynasty. It was a mixture of copper (90%) and other metals. Included in these other metals was the chemical element,arsenic, which effectively hardened the bronze.

Although it was most likely an unintentional occurrence whereby other metals were accidentally mixed up in the smeltered ore, it was a welcomed mishap. It was the start of more durable, longer lasting, thus more effective, tools.

Short, sharp and shiny.

Some of the tools unearthed in ancient Egypt from the bronze range include: chisels, hatchets, nails, knives and rasps.

When more tin was added to the mix of copper these tools became an even harder alloy. It did, however, require a working temperature of between 600 and 800 degrees Celsius. The bronze tools were hardened by repeated heating and hammering.

Tools of the trade.

So what ancient Egypt tools were a must-have for carpenters in ancient Egypt?

The British Museum houses a group of tools recovered from a Theban tomb. This fantastic collection of ancient Egypt artifacts were inside a basket and would be the equivalent of a basic carpenters tool box of today.

So what was inside?

* Saw - This was a one directional pull-saw. It was used for cutting logs.

* Adze - Coming in varying sizes and shapes, they were used for planing, shaping and smoothing.

* Brawdawl - Used for poking holes or marking and indenting before screwing, nailing etc.

* Axe - Chopping.

* The bow drill - These handy drills worked by manually spinning a metal bit for drilling into the wood. It was used for larger holes that could not be managed with hand boring tools.

This kit could get any carpenter out of trouble. It was used to make anything from household furniture to coffins.

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