Amun - Number One God.

Amun was one god that could not be pushed aside or held back.

He was a God, however, with relatively humble beginnings, but eventually rose in stature to become one of the most worshiped deities of the Ancient world.

Initially he was seen as a God of air or wind. So I guess you could say he was more felt than he was seen. Not exactly awe inspiring or all powerful.

But he kept rustling the leaves louder and louder. In Thebes, his place of worship, he eventually outshone the war God, Menthu, to become the cities number one deity.

Because of Thebes strong influence on the rest of Egypt, he was soon highly regarded in all of Egypt.

His influence was far reaching and the Greeks also held him in high regard, comparing him equally to their mighty Zeus.

When Akhenaten shoved him to one side and locked him away it seemed that he may never return. But he survived the Egyptians brief flirtations with Atenism, and when that failed, he strode back in and reclaimed the number one position.

Eventually he was merged with another highly influential sun God, Ra.

He is represented as a bearded man wearing a headdress with two tall plumes sticking up at the top.

The priests used his position for their own benefit and were very powerful. They would eventually become equal to the highest position of power in Egypt- the Pharaoh.

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